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On Loss an anthology

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Loss, like love, deepens with living. Defining loss travels beyond grief. It is more than saying goodbye, surviving destruction, or facing deprivation. Loss means letting go, moving on, and finding the light again. Lost items, lost people, lost minds. In them, there’s a silent hope. With loss comes pain, but with pain comes finding the good—the happiness—in renewing one’s life and redeeming the irredeemable.

On Loss is a genre-crossing collection of short stories, poetry, and flash fiction. Each piece, though vastly different, is “On Loss.” Narratives, tragedies, and tales from space travel, time travel and a crime-fighting superhero to war veterans, insanity, and a drive-thru cemetery splash across the pages. Whether losing a loved one, memories, innocence, or the mind, each one follows a different path of loss and its aftermath.

Every story unique, each touched with inflection and speckled with despair.

Follow the authors of On Loss through the pain and impossibility to lessons learned, forgiveness, and the hope of a better tomorrow.

Get it on Amazon today