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Meet the Team: Six Questions with Joshua George, Editor and The Greatest of All Time. . .

Joshua George, editor and greatest of all time . . . 

Our Loss Anthology is bridging creativity and inspiration in the writing world. Five people from all across America came together to create Our Loss. Hundreds of writers and authors have already submitted content and the deadline is just under two weeks away.

How did each member get involved?

Somehow, somewhere Aaron Pasker convinced five different voices to join the executive team (or as Aaron would say, coerced into joining) to edit, design, publish, and market a brand new anthology.

Here are six questions with Joshua George one of our editor’s, the greatest of all time, and a voice of reason.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself: Where are you from? What do you enjoy outside of writing? 

A: Hi! I am from Lexington, KY, a part of the state that really defies stereotypes. It’s progressive, has a rich history and a love affair with good food. I identify with a couple of those things. My real job is as a DJ, which funds my favorite hobby—LARPing—because I am a massive nerd.

Q: About your writing: When did you realize you were a writer or when did you fall in love with writing? Have you published before and where? What are your writing dreams and goals or what do you enjoy writing the most?

A: I’ve known that I’ve wanted to be a writer since high school. The first time I wrote a short story, I remember getting lost in the process, putting around 5k words down in one sitting. Since then, I’ve devoted a lot of my time to learning the minutiae of the craft. If everything goes as planned, I’ll still be a household name a few centuries from now.

Q: How did you hear about Our Loss Anthology and what made you get involved?

A: Aaron and I met at a writing class held at a bar a few years ago and he quickly became one of my closest friends. When he asked me to help out with this new project, I couldn’t turn him down.

Q: Do you have any advice for the writers submitting to Our Loss Anthology? Any advice to aspiring writers in general?

A: Same advice for both, actually; don’t fall in love with the sound of your own writing. Fall in love with what those words do for your readers. If you can do that, you’ll be ahead of the curve.

Q: Where can we find you and learn more about your writing and projects?

A: Look for me on Facebook! I’m always excited to engage with writers and readers. We’re in this together!

Q: What is your favorite book, author or quote from a book?

A: Dune, by Frank Herbert, is the best book ever written.

Tune in next time for 6 questions with the last, but not least, team member…
ME (Erica Marchant). 

P.s. I had to look up LARPing too! 

Aaron Pasker | Melissa Schell | Michael Riley | Erica Marchant | Joshua George.

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