One Day To Go! Get Your Subs in and Watch Your Mailbox.

Our team is gearing up for the busiest days ahead. There’s one more day to the deadline and  over 700 submissions in review. We’ve got decisions to make and the entire anthology to put together! 

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Get your submissions in now before the deadline at midnight EST October 31, 2018. 

Keep an eye out for a few more “Meet the team” blog posts and future updates.

Watch your Inbox and add our email address to the approved senders list so we don’t go to spam.

Also to come, our new Facebook page to keep up to date with anthology progress, the official title, the cover reveal and much more! 

We are so excited to begin the journey and can’t wait to launch the final book slated for March 2019 release. 

In the meantime, good luck. 

We are grateful for everyone who took the leap, gave us a chance and shared your work with us. You overwhelmed us with so many great submissions, and we have many tough decisions to make. Unfortunately, we cannot accept them all. The most important thing is to keep writing, keep submitting, keep doing what you do.

Sincerest thank you from the Anthology Team

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