Happy *belated* New Year from the anthology team! Here’s what we’re working on with On Loss, an Anthology.

Late in 2018, after receiving over 800 submissions, the anthology team unveiled the title to our first anthology:

On Loss an Anthology

Our submission period ended, we’ve rejected and selected some stories and are busy editing and working with authors. It’s a new year, the holidays are behind us, we are doing everything we can to gear up for a spring release! 

I know we’ve been a little silent as of late, but if you’ve ever produced or published a book or anthology, you know how much work goes into it from beginning to end. We want to publish the best anthology we can.

Aaron, our benevolent overlord, recently posted an update on our group page here. Once final stories are selected and edits completed we will begin the book building process. I’m excited. We’re all excited and we hope you are too.

Coming soon:

6 questions with me, Erica Marchant
Our cover reveal
Final story announcements
Future updates
and more…

In the meantime, tell us a little about yourselves! How are you spending your winter days? Is it frigid where you are or warm? What are you working on? Post your accomplishments, publishing accolades or goals! We want to get to know you.

Tune in next time for 6 questions with me as I procrastinate in writing about myself. I promise I’ll do it, but first editing time!

Meet the team here and catch up on all our blog posts.

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