Donald J. Bingle

Tell us who you are, a little about your work and what you enjoy other than writing.

I’m a fan of genre fiction (science fiction, fantasy, horror, mystery, thrillers) and former top-ranked player of role-playing games (like Dungeons & Dragons, but there are a lot more), who became a writer, first of game material, then short stories and novels, including media tie-in fiction.

What is your story about in On loss (don’t give us any spoilers)!

Like many of my stories, it is about someone who simply does what needs to be done to accomplish their goal, no matter what the sacrifice.

Where did you learn of the On Loss anthology. Did you have a story in mind or write your story specifically for the anthology? 

I wrote the story before I heard about the anthology, but once I did, I knew it was a great match.

What else have you written or are you most proud of?

Almost every author is proudest of their latests piece at any given moment. That’s what drives us forward. As a category, I think my time travel stories, including For Every Time, A Season; Standing Still; Knowing She Would; and A Passion for Time Travel are among my best. I used to own a company that put out a time travel roleplaying game and it is a subject I’ve thought about a lot.

What is your current work in progress?

Two things. I’m trying to sell another time related story called Star Chamber, and I’m doing a tie-in tale for a new game world coming soon to Kickstarter.

What’s your specialty: short stories, novels, poetry?

More than fifty short stories, many of them collected as reprints in my Writer on Demand™ series of ebooks, but six books at this point, too. I also edited an anthology of ghost stories called Familiar Spirits.

Do you self-publish, traditionally publish or both?


What’s your favorite genre of books to read?

Thinky science fiction.

What advice would you offer new writers

Writing is like working in direct sales or as an actor; there is plenty of rejection along the way.

Leave us with a favorite quote! 

Don’t spend too much time looking back; nothing ever changes there.*

*Unless time travel is involved.

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