Samantha Pilecki

Tell us who you are, a little about your work and what you enjoy other than writing.

Like many writers, I like odd things. I collect dead bugs, I read tarot cards, and I have pet rats. I love to travel and work as a librarian.

What is your story about in On loss (don’t give us any spoilers)!

In The Sticker, Millie loses her faith in God, and her best friend, on the same day.

What else have you written or are you most proud of?

This summer has been exciting. A short story of mine, Sally and the Goldfish, was recognized by the Writer’s Digest in their Short Story Competition, and the Yemassee accepted another piece, entitled Or ‘chids.

What is your current work in progress?

There’s several! I’m working on another short story, polishing up a middle-grade fantasy novel, and outlining a horror novel.

What’s your specialty: short stories, novels, poetry?

Short stories have treated me well, especially in an anthology format. My short stories can be read in New Lit Salon Press’s First Came Fear anthology and Transmundane Press’s Translucent, and Inkstains (forthcoming, October 2019). Two other shorts have gone on to win the Haunted Waters Press Short Story Competition and the Writing District’s Monthly Competition.

What’s your favorite genre of books to read

As a librarian, I consider myself an omnivorous reader. I’ll read nearly everything!

What advice would you offer new writers

To keep writing.

Leave us with a favorite quote! 

Omit needless words. -E.B. White

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