Robert Walton

Tell us who you are, a little about your work and what you enjoy other than writing.

I’m an amateur (very!) trombone player and much enjoy playing with the Hartnell Community College Orchestra. I do a bit of reading program work for local schools, too, and I’m still a mildly active rock climber.

What is your story about in On loss (don’t give us any spoilers)!

I’ve shared many campfires with friends and kids. The kids especially liked a certain crude story, however many times it was told. I’ve used it as contrast for a sad (and sadly increasingly likely) future.

Where did you learn of the On Loss anthology. Did you have a story in mind or write your story specifically for the anthology? 

I think I learned of this anthology through one of my writing groups at Scribophile.

What else have you written or are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of my historical novel Dawn Drums. Writing it stretched my craft, often uncomfortably so, and taught me much. I’m also proud of the little story I wrote last year that took a prize in the 2018 Bartleby Snopes dialog only contest.

What is your current work in progress?

I’ve got a picaresque YA novel going (40,000+ words and counting) that has been a great deal of fun.

What’s your specialty: short stories, novels, poetry?

Each discipline informs another. I yield to the words that come.

Do you self-publish, traditionally publish or both?

I mostly go for traditional publishing, but my novella “Vienna Station” went out of print so I put it up on Kindle.

What’s your favorite genre of books to read?

I have no favorite genres. I look for competent writers, especially those who respect and like their readers.

What advice would you offer new writers

When your characters begin to speak to you, listen!

Leave us with a favorite quote! 

With malice toward all, with charity for none, with blindness to the right God has revealed, let us strive on to destroy the work we are in, to rip open the nation’s

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